T.E.A.M. Jesus Ministries, Inc. has been blessed over the years to be able to be part of Mission Outreaches in several countries around the world. We have seen thousands upon thousands of men, women and children make decisions to follow Jesus. From Honduras to England, from India to Kenya, from South Africa to Panama – the message is the same…Jesus Christ loves you and died for your sins! We have also been blessed to work with many denominations and organizations, all of whom have had a desire for God to make an impact in their communities.


One of the main ways we have reached out to communities abroad is by means of The X-Treme Team. The X-Treme Team is a group of radically saved men who use feats of strength as illustrations to draw a picture of what is going on around us in the spiritual world. The X-Treme Team is an effective tool to draw crowds of people in open-air market places, slums, schools and churches. You can see some of our pictures from such outreaches in Honduras, Kenya and India.




We at T.E.A.M. Jesus Ministries, Inc. have a deep burden to help people around the world. Our most recent large project was raising money to put a well in Kenya, Africa. Through the grace of God and gracious gifts from several donors, we were able to have a well dug in a remote area in SE Kenya. This well has now given life-saving water, 20,000 liters a day, enough for the entire tribe and their animals. Women cried and praised God when water started to flow from the well. In the Massai lands, where there is water, there is life. Deep thanks and many blessings to all who contributed funds and prayers to this amazing feat!



Click HERE to view videos from Honduras, Kenya and India. Some of these videos are from mission outreaches using The X-Treme Team. Other videos show some recent mission projects.



We have taken thousands of photos on our Mission Outreach trips around the world. HERE you will see a few from Kenya, India, Tanzania and more!

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