A Prayer For Godly Character in Post-Modern Times
by Rick Willison

Here is your chance to own Rick Willison’s first book. It is an ideal gift for all the men you know. It is an easy read that challenges men to answer the Battle Cry—to stand up and be men of God, set apart to do great things.

Men know the value of a good coach, someone to equip, mentor, and challenge them to action. A Warrior’s Witness: A Prayer for Godly Character in Post-Modern Times does just that. By identifying key traits that build on each other: wisdom, integrity, willingness, faith, strength, perseverance, and heart, and showing how Biblical men of God embodied those traits, former professional athlete and world-renowned evangelist Rick L. Willison leads the reader on a spiritual journey built on equal parts of prayer and power. His down-to-earth language, practical guidance, and insightful questions put muscle behind men’s spiritual beliefs and prepare them to live at a higher level as a Christian in today’s challenging world.

A Warrior’s Witness is:

  • Easy to read
  • Friendly
  • Challenging
  • Inspiring
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Acclaimed fiction author Regina Scott (Regina Lundgren) welcomes readers to the book by explaining how she became involved in, and inspired by, A Warrior’s Witness.

Using his past as an example, Rick Willison describes what life can be like without Jesus and explains how Christians, particularly men, can pray for and act out a better life in Christ by considering the traits of godly men from the Bible and living their witness as warriors for the Lord.

CHAPTER ONE – The Wisdom of Solomon
The Bible calls Solomon the wisest man who had ever lived. Why should warriors pray for wisdom and what does wise living look like in our post-modern age?

CHAPTER TWO – The Integrity of Joseph
Joseph went from slave to second-most powerful man in Egypt by keeping his integrity. How can God’s warriors show integrity in a world that prizes get-rich-quick schemes and sexual promiscuity?

CHAPTER THREE – The Willingness of David
David served God with a whole heart, always willing to do what God asked of him. With the pressures of work, family, and society, how can a warrior show such willingness today?

CHAPTER FOUR – The Faith of Abraham
Abraham believed in God’s promises so strongly he left his native land and offered his treasured son on an altar. In the face of natural disasters and personal tragedy, how can warriors have this kind of faith?

CHAPTER FIVE – The Strength of Sampson
Sampson’s legendary power came from God. While today’s Christian warrior may not need to topple temples, how can he build up his physical and spiritual strength so that he can serve God in all the ways he is called?

CHAPTER SIX – The Perseverance of Paul
The Apostle Paul was beaten, drowned, and finally martyred for Christ, yet through it all he never stopped serving. How can warriors continue in faith when temptations and trials proliferate?

CHAPTER SEVEN – The Heart of Jesus
Jesus loved the world so much that He gave himself so that all would come to everlasting life. How can a warrior approach that depth of love and what does it mean to have the heart of Jesus in a world grown cold?

By praying and acting on the words, “Lord, give me the wisdom of Solomon, the integrity of Joseph, the willingness of David, the faith of Abraham, the strength of Sampson, the perseverance of Paul, and the heart of Jesus,” and trusting in God’s promise to answer prayer, Christian men can live the witness of a warrior and grow in maturity as disciples of Christ.

There are study questions for each chapter listed at the end of the book. Use these questions for personal reflection or in a group setting. Sure to challenge, these questions are a powerful way to move forward in your relationship with God.


Rick Willison believes that life is an adventure with Christ, and he lives according to that belief. Once a professional athlete who played for the San Jose Bandits and the Omaha Mustangs and earned three world records for feats of strength, Rick currently leads T.E.A.M. Jesus Ministries, Inc., and its most powerful outreach tool, the X-Treme Team. The X-Treme team is a group of six men who uses feats of strength to illustrate God’s power over sin. Through the team’s evangelistic efforts over the last 16 years, over 120,000 people have made decisions for Christ around the world.

Willison is also a popular speaker and evangelist for churches, camp meetings, conferences, and revivals, averaging 40 trips per year. He is an ordained minister and has served in various churches as youth pastor and associate pastor. Currently Rick is in full time ministry with T.E.A.M. Jesus Ministries, Inc. located in Moses Lake, Washington.

Willison is a graduate of Multnomah Bible University with a Bachelors of Science in Bible/Theology and a Minor in Youth Ministry, with another year of graduate studies in evangelism. He has a Masters from New Covenant University in Christian Counseling. He is also the father of two adult children. He and his wife Sonya make their home in Tennessee.

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