Rick Willison is an ordained minister and tenured Evangelist whose experience spans over two decades.  Rick’s degree is in Bible/Theology from Multnomah Bible College.  He has a radical passion to see the lost won for Jesus.  He takes all his past experiences, together with current issues and presents the TRUTH to all who will listen.  Rick has spoken at dozens of Men’s and Youth Camps, Retreats, Church Revivals, etc.  His subject matter is vast and he can tailor his speaking to your needs.  Rick would love the opportunity to come and minister beside you to reach the lost, challenge the convinced and equip the committed, all to the glory of Christ!


The Battle Cry has been developed to call men to the frontlines.  God did not give us a spirit of timidity, rather one of power and boldness.  Men of today need not be wimps, but rather take a stand for what is Biblical, correct, righteous and holy. The Battle Cry charges men to step up and lead their families, lead their communities, lead their churches, lead in their workplaces.  It is a clear call for men to become Warriors for Jesus.  READ MORE


Reverend Rick Willison is an International Speaker, a seasoned Evangelist, a Pastor and an Author. He is passionate about reaching the lost while challenging and equipping the committed. He has a unique story telling style that relates God’s Word into everyday life. Bring him in today!


Whether you need just one Sunday filled or several, Pastor Rick is an accomplished orator of the Word of God. He will challenge your congregation to step up in their walk with God and reach the community around you with the Good News of Jesus. He covers all topics. He is an expository preacher who utilizes real life situations to communicate God’s Word to your people. Schedule him today!


Rick has an uncanny ability to get into the heads of students and adults alike. Whether you have a short Retreat or a long Mission Trip, take Rick with you to really challenge your people to be X-Treme for Jesus. You will be blessed with the results as your students and adults have life changing experiences through the lessons they learn from Pastor Rick.


Through this one day seminar your people will learn how to be comfortable in their own skin while sharing the love of Jesus with others. Rick teaches simple truths and challenges believers to share their faith. All who participate will be sharing by the end of the day. Change your people—Let Rick teach them to share their faith.


Rick has some very simple lessons on how to be a successful leader. Whether it is your Children’s Ministry, Youth or Adult Ministries, you will be challenged and given tools that are proven to work in Leadership Development. Take the time to build your people and God’s Kingdom. Bring Rick in today!

Call 931-809-5050 for more information or to find out how he can help you with your ministry event!

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