Please check out these two books that were written and published by Rick Willison. Every man can benefit by the prayer laid out in A Warrior’s Witness and the devotions in A Warrior’s Field Guide!

A Prayer For Godly Character in Post-Modern Times

Men know the value of a good coach, someone to equip, mentor, and challenge them to action. A Warrior’s Witness: A Prayer for Godly Character in Post-Modern Times does just that. By identifying key traits that build on each other: wisdom, integrity, willingness, faith, strength, perseverance, and heart, and showing how Biblical men of God embodied those traits…. READ MORE

180 Deliberate Devotions For Men

In our busy world today, it is hard to find time to do a daily devotion. A Warrior’s Field Guide has been designed to equip the busy man in a way that is short, to the point and challenging. It is not filled with useless fluff. It is for the man of God who wants to step up to the challenge of being a Warrior for Jesus… READ MORE

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