“X-Treme Talk for an X-Treme Generation”

The main purpose of the “X-Treme Talk Assembly” is to make the students keenly aware of the fact that they have a destiny and a purpose for their life. This realization will open the door to the awareness that there can be things that could steal or destroy that destiny and purpose. Just being challenged to say “No” is not enough to bring revelation to the hearts and minds of today’s youth. They need to realize that the decisions they make today will determine their tomorrow. Once destiny and purpose have been dealt with initially then the talk begins to cover the other pressing issues.

Remember, that the assembly is handled with seriousness and humor and always with a desire to help and challenge but not judge the students. The content of each assembly is geared toward the grade levels that are in attendance.

The talk covers things like drugs and alcohol where we DO NOT talk about drinking responsibly. We challenge the students to be drug and alcohol free! We teach them to not be a follower, but to stand up and be a leader in their generation. We might say something like, “A real man is not someone who can drink the most or party the most or be the toughest…No, a real man is someone who can stand up and be man enough to say, No! Anybody can get high, anybody can get drunk but it takes a young person of great integrity, character and backbone to say, I don’t want any part of it!” We tell true stories of friends and loved ones we have seen hurt by drugs or alcohol.

The assembly also covers peer pressure, pursuing their education, integrity and character. We will always continue to weave the aspect of destiny and purpose throughout the talk. The subject of violence is also dealt with appropriately.

Depending on the grade level we’re addressing, we will cover the subject of abstinence. We use humor and hard driving facts and challenges to the students. We DO NOT talk about safe sex. We discuss teen pregnancy and touch on AIDS and STD’s (when age appropriate). We challenge the young ladies to be women of character and not to fall to the peer pressure of friends. We discuss the possible consequences of their actions and do everything possible to deliver a message that will make them think twice before they make a wrong decision.

Please understand that to just write these words describing what goes on in an assembly does not do it justice. We hear the same things at every school. The principals, counselors and teachers are always amazed at how the students listen intently to the talk portion of the assembly. The reason the assemblies are successful is because we are passionate about helping the young people of this generation. These talks are not robotic but sincere and again I use the word, passionate. Because of those reasons, the young people hear our hearts, realize we are there to help and not point fingers, and hear the passion in our voices.

Lastly, these are not light and fluffy talks that are nothing but jokes and frivolity. They are powerful, eye-opening, 45-minute dramas that move the student’s hearts and minds to contemplate change and new direction for their lives!

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