To understand why you need Salvation from Jesus, you first have to answer a few questions.


  • Question # 1. Have you ever told a lie? Even a little one?


  • Question # 2. Have you ever stolen anything? Even something very small or insignificant?


  • Question # 3. Have you ever lusted after someone? Looked at pornography? Jesus said that if you lust after a woman it is the same as being with her.


  • Question # 4. Have you ever used God as a cuss word? Or a substitute like Gosh, or Gall, Gah? What about the name of Jesus, or Gees, or Jeesh?


  • Question # 5. Have you ever really wanted something that someone else had? Have you thought about it and desired it so much that you went out and bought it?


Understand this: If you answered yes to any or all of the above questions, then you have broken the Law. God gave us 10 commandments so that we would know what sin is and so that we would stay clear of it. I have only asked you about five of the ten. If you answered yes to all of them, then by your own admission you are a lying, thieving, adulterer who blasphemies God and covets.


Wow! That is not good! According to God, people who break His law must pay the penalty. That penalty is death. Not a physical death (although we will all die someday), but a spiritual death. This means that you have to go to Hell for what you have done. How does that sound?


Well, God is a just God and he has given you the freewill to make good choices and not sin. But you have chosen to go your own way and sin. You let your desires turn into sin and now what you earn from that sin is Hell. I bet you can’t wait to get there right? I mean come on. Doesn’t weeping and gnashing of teeth sound great? Doesn’t the idea of being in excruciating pain for eternity sound like the right way to go? What about the idea of being completely separated from God, love, friendship, family. Does that sound like a lot of fun? You know eternal torment.


Maybe you are wondering what you can do. Well that is good. Here is what you can do. You can ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins (the laws you broke). You can then turn away from that sin (Repentance) and become a new person in Jesus. You see, God provided a way for your sin to be paid for. He allowed His only Son, Jesus, to come to earth so He could live like a human. Jesus did just that. However, He never sinned. He never broke the Law and this allowed Him to be a perfect sacrifice for us.


Here is what I mean. Remember when I told you that there is a penalty for sin (breaking the Laws of God)? Well that penalty is blood being shed….Death. God is so holy that He cannot be near sin. Therefore, blood has to cover sin. Jesus’ blood did just that. Jesus was beaten and hung on a cross to die for our sins. Of course at the time, the people who did that just thought they were killing a man, but God’s plan was that Jesus die for your sins. In other words, He paid the due penalty for us breaking the Law.


Here is your part.

You have to accept that payment. You have to admit you are a Law Breaker (Remember you did up above) and accept Jesus gift to you of paying that penalty. You then ask Jesus to be the one who rules in your life. You ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit.   You turn your back on your sin and follow Him from this moment forward. You make Jesus your Lord and your Savior. Basically, you surrender your life to Him.


If you have done that then the Bible says you are a new creation in Jesus. The old person is gone (the Law Breaker) and the new person has arrived. Just like when Jesus died on that cross, you’re the part of you who desires to sin has died. And just as Jesus was raised from the dead on that third day, so too, you are a new person in Jesus. Your old is dead and the new is alive. But now you don’t just stop there. You need to take your next steps in your relationship with Jesus.


  • Step # 1. PRAY!
    Talk to Jesus all the time. Tell him when you are happy, sad, celebrating or just tell him how your day is going. Ask Him for direction in life. Make him your best friend. Talk to him. You can talk to him at any time. He is always listening.


  • Step #2. READ YOUR BIBLE.
    It is important that you read your Bible. It is the Living Word of God. You will have a better understanding of your life in Jesus, as well as, what God has for you, as you read your Bible. Commit to reading at least 15 minutes each day. Start at the beginning. You should have a hunger to know more about God now.


  • Step # 3. Get involved in a Church.
    It is important to go to Church. This is where you will learn more about Jesus. This is where you will find accountability, prayer partners, help in understanding scripture, and where you will be equipped to do the work God has for you. Get into a church right away.


  • Step # 4. Tell people about your new relationship with Jesus.
    Let them know that you have figured it out. You finally realized that you were guilty of breaking God’s Laws and you have been forgiven for doing so by Jesus. Tell them that you are a new person in Jesus. The old you is long gone. Share your reasoning with them.


  • Step # 5. Get Baptized.
    Baptism is the outward expression of what just went on in your heart. You were cleansed from your sins. When you are baptized you will have a chance to share what God did in your life (testimony) and then the Pastor will dunk you into water in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. It represents your being cleansed from your sin. Get Baptized.


Hopefully, this will help you understand that you are doomed for Hell without Jesus. There is much to learn from this point. I would suggest that you go to to understand more. I also pray that you don’t go back to your old ways. That will just put you back into the devil’s grip and lead you directly to Hell.

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